squirtleyone said: Hey Copy and Print people. Two things 1.) Have you noticed there are very few copy and print men? and 2.) How do you guys cope with bad customers?

1. YUP! I wonder why that is. There were very few CPD guys when I worked at an office supply store. 2. I cope by bitching about them to everyone that will listen. Dealing with them face to face, I mostly let managers handle it and then take care of the copy order.

Anyone else, feel free to chime in.

My store is a FedEx drop site, but we are not a FedEx.

Customer (on the phone at 4:08) : “When does Express pick up?”
Me: “Usually four or five.”
Customer: “That doesn’t help me. When do they pick up?”
Me: “He usually gets here between four and five. It’s not the same every day.”
Customer: “Isn’t there someone there who knows?”
Me: “He doesn’t come at the same time every day”
Customer: “You’re no help!” *dial tone*

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Explaining to a customer why white letters won’t show up on pink paper.


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I feel really weird for my continuous submissions here, but my boss keeps putting me behind copy and print. 

It has been over a bloody month since she told me that’d she just make me straight cashier. I still get to be cashier, but she keeps throwing me behind print. 

My understanding of this situation when we worked it out was this, and there are multiple people there to verify this. The only reasons to put me behind copy and print:

  • For photoshop since I’m the only one who knows how to use it. 
  • Training new kids because they’d genuinely be night shift and that’s when I work as well
  • The other girl’s wedding that has already passed. 

I’ve trained one girl (who’s doing really well behind there) and I’m going to be training one of the boys back there soon. And she told my manager that she needed me behind there a couple times one week and he told me that when I saw my schedule. So, I decided to print out my schedules from the past month and put them on the table and say, “Which week was she talking about?” 

I’m so close to quitting again and actually leaving this time. 


fucking Staples print place online is the biggest fucking piece of shit service I’ve ever encountered. So difficult to navigate, I literally have to make a new username/password every time I need to print something and the prices are never the same in store as compared to online. This is BULLSHIT. I HATE STAPLES SO MUCH.

Trust me, the print online service for employees to use sucks just as bad. Unless you ARE talking about the employee portal… in that case, the user side of the printing shit is pretty bad and employees know this and we can’t fix it even though we’d like to. 

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Ok, so I’m still in copy and print for the moment. I should be leaving not next week, but the week after unless my boss wants to decide to screw me over in which I’d probably walk out. 

Anyway, yesterday (Good Friday) it was calm since everyone was at church. This woman comes in and I recognize her as one of our regulars. She comes over and asks for her project which was a bunch of church programs. We had to decipher her handwriting (thankfully the one girl told me not to worry about it and her and the other girl would do it) and make the church programs. 

So, I pick them up and she starts looking at them.

"Oh no, there’s something wrong here." So of course I ask her what’s wrong. 

Speeches was spelled Speakies. I wish I was kidding. 

The woman had wrote Speakies on the paper. 

'I thought you guys would realize that it was suppose to be speeches.” Lady, we write what you give us. So I had to give them to her free, but thankfully it was just around 30 b/w so it wasn't that bad. 

But the frosting on the cake was one of the girls last days were on Thursday and she screwed us over bad. This woman had ordered wedding invites from us and it took forever for them to get done. Mind you this is what we were charging her for: 




Paper Upgrade

All would be roughly $135 with a coupon we had in our weekly ad. 

The woman came in and paid for them with the other girl beforehand. She only charged her for the printing. 


My manager wanted to kill her. 

Copy Center Problems


"I need these 25 books bound. I’ll just wait here."
“That’ll be about 5 hours…”

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Ok, so I’m the newest of the three girls that work in my C&P and I’m working by myself one night. This guy comes in and he’s asking about business cards he ordered earlier this day.
One. Thousand. Business. Cards.
His name was on the book but it said it was sent to the design company. So I told him what happened and he freaks out saying the morning girl (the one who’s been here for 3 years) said it would take 2 hours.
So I explain to him that it would take 24 hours for the design to come back to use then he would have to approve of them because it was such a high amount of cards then we could make them.
He goes away and comes back two weeks later asking if they were done. He never came to approve them so I explained to him again he had to approve them before we could make them. So he approves of it and then stands there like I was magically going to make them all right then.
“Is this going to take all day? I have ice cream in the car.”
“Sir, you ordered a thousand business cards. It’s going to take some time. You can come back tomorrow.”
And in the most condescending voice he asks, “Are you sure they’ll be done.”
“Yes sir they’ll be done.”
I got them done in two hours because the color printer decided to be a dick to me and then it took the dude another week and a half to pick them up.

berkastcyn said: I'm putting my two weeks in at my copy and print today. I feel bad because I'm leaving them with two girls and the manager like when I came in but I can't handle the stress of there and my other job anymore. Thankfully, some people know I'm getting out they just didn't know when.

I was the same way. I was part of a broken CPD system and was sad to leave it in that state, but I just had to, just like you have to leave. It’s hard, but you can’t put yourself through something like that for the sake of others who aren’t close to you (like, coworkers.) You have to think about yourself first :) I’m proud of you for taking the first step towards getting out of there.

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My favorite customers are the really forgettable ones. Like some lady who needs 20 black-and-white copies and will be back in an hour. Or maybe it’s someone who needs help making the self serve copier do legal size. In a few hours, I won’t remember your face. But I will remember that you didn’t ruin my day.


Worst thing about working in copy and print: paper cuts. Anddd shitty customers.

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I can’t with this

Ugh. Had the worst day ever. I had five customers waiting in line, the first two had something printing on their flash drives. So I bring them to our computer and put both flash drives in the system. One customer’s flash drive was locked, the other was fine. However, the customer whose flash drive was fine just started freaking OUT!

She then accused me of stealing her files and putting it onto the other customers flash drive.

Like wtf? Why would I even do that?! You’re no one special plus I honestly don’t care. And even so, why would you bring such an ‘important’ flash drive for such a menial task as printing photos. Get another flash drive or email it to us like I told you two days ago! -_-

So I call a tech guy to take care of the woman with the locked flash drive while I argue the hell outta this other woman who loudly kept accusing me of stealing her files and rendering her flash drive meaningless. Which is so not how it works.

So then she’s all up in my face like ‘IF YOU HAVE A LINE FULL OF CUSTOMERS YOU TAKE CARE OF THEM ONE AT A TIME RIGHT?!’ And I’m like ‘NO. Because we HAVE to take care of five at a time because that’s how this store works and sometimes ‘quick’ jobs turn out to be things that take days to resolve!’

So I had enough of this bitch and send her off with another copy&print associate. Surely enough it takes him over two hours to help her while I’ve helped ten other people (:D who loudly said how awesome I was to which she rudely rolled her eyes at me. Tho I gave her a look saying ‘Yeah bitch. I’m awesome.) She then rambles to the other associate that she isn’t satisfied with how he did things, and argued with him too!!!

So then she gets all sarcastic saying that this is the best service she had ever and rips her own copies and leaves. Like what ev. I hope she never comes back. But you guys, I’m really sensitive. Like really. I just can’t take all this. I know it’s “typical” stuff that you will get at any job, but it really hurts me. It’s sad because literally EVERY SINGLE person I served today was sweet and kind and thankful, but this one person just kills me. IDK. I just wanna quit and might do so soon.

Dude, that lady sounds like she has some serious issues to take care of before she goes to another retail store. Hope she gets better soon. As for you, A+ for being a rockstar C&P person, and just know that you’ve got the satisfaction of proving her wrong and that you didn’t have to deal with her antics for very long. Also, if you never see her again, even better. Letting things that customers say to you go is hard, but just remember that most of them, especially the ones who get mad over little things, don’t see you as a “person”, they see you as a thing to interact with for goods and services. I know it sounds really bad, but it’s just a job thing. It’s not personal if they get mad at you, it’s business. Don’t lose sleep at night over crazy customers and what they think. Be happy you have lovely customers that you can fall back on, so to speak, and take pride in being a good and patient copy and print person who knows their shit. :)

rnairu said: Man as much as I hate working copy and print, I get some very nice regular customers. Those people make it worth it to stay. Uwu

Regulars make everything better <3

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tauntaunrider said: I got out of it too! Except I didn't give two weeks, location laws don't need it, and man its so relieving.



oh NICE! As long as you had a suitable replacement, a+ and congrats on escaping leaving!

if you know my situation with my store and management you wouldn’t even give two shits about a suitable replacement.


Alright, that too :0 it was that bad? :c awwww!

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